Solo mode Subscription error

Hello Team, I am trying to fly in solo mode but IF says it needs subscription. Does anyone face the same issue ?
Last time I checked it was free for certain regions and certain aircrafts.

Hey, what page are you going to where it asks for a subscription?

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Here it is, I don’t have subscription hence I will be able to access solo mode with free aircrafts and specific regions, but as after new update when I click on solo upon opening IF it says you IF has found a account associated with my device, when I click to continue its asking me to Subscribe.

As in the previous version, we were allowed to login to our account, but only access the live mode when we had subscription.

Here Cam. Logged out to reproduce this for you - can infact reproduce.

iPad 6 Pro 11’’
iOS 13.4.1

Thank you mate ✌️

Thanks, this looks like it’s to do with the ongoing server issues. We’re looking into it:


I’m having the same issue

Copy that you can close this thread as you gave the solution.