Solo mode questions

Guys i want ask you how can find ATC in single player cus i can’t found it i hope help me

And another questoin how can earn xp very fast

Thank you .

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There is no ATC in solo mode, and you cannot gain XP in solo mode, that is only for Live to show experience and to allow you access to some servers :)


As @Captain_Skywalker said, no ATC in Solo… if it there were, it wouldn´t be solo .)

Ok thank you so much guys

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Actually, if you want you can use the app cello. There are several chats that allow you to be directed by atc in live or single. Hope this helps

*zello is the app ( I need 10 characters)

Do you personally have an Apple ID? Or your family does? If so by tapping Live you can buy a membership.

You must enter a valid email address and password to enter the live world. Once inside it should give you a payment option…

Month of using live flight, acess to ATC after experience and airports. No given regions or aircraft.

Yearly (recommended)
Access to all airports, all aircraft unlocked and regions. Access to ATC