Solo mode is the best

Over the last few weeks ive spent a lot of time practicing photography and editing skills. Ive made a collection of the my 10 best pictures and I hope you enjoy them!

Actually the Krabby Patty formula πŸ”

Airport: Various
Airline: Various
Airplane: Various

American Airlines B757 (1968)
Jackson Hole - Chicago

United Evo Blue 787-9
Frankfurt Germany - Denver Colorado

Swiss B777-300ER
Zurich - Hong Kong

Air Baltic A220-300 (BCS3)
Riga - Dubai

Air Canada B777-300ER
Vancouver - Toronto

American Airlines B777-200ER (Oneworld Livery)
Charlotte - Munich

Delta Airlines A350-900
Atlanta - Johannesburg

Cebu Pacific A330-300
Hong Kong - Cebu

KLM A330-300
Amsterdam - Boston

Virgin Atlantic A330-900Neo
London Heathrow - Boston

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I love all of the a330 shots!

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These are great photos :)

I agree. Solo mode is fun, because I just goof off or fly and do stuff.
I don’t have lots of time on my hands to do normal flights.
So why not do solo?


Giving me those Cali, Colombia vibes, Great work!

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Man, that American Airlines 1968 livery brings me back so much nostalgia. The only time I remember flying it was when I was 5 years old. My mother and I were flying from DFW to San Juan. So many memories, and I think it also had a small TV cause I remember watching the Incredibles back in 2005/6