Solo Midair Spawning Points

The old thread is over 2 years old, and it has 1 vote. I figured I’d make an updated one. Essentially, the request is to implement a feature where you would be able to set your spawning point while airborne in solo mode. To read why, click below.


The live servers are a place for realism and proffessionalism, where we geek out flying IFR flight plans in giant airliners. Unfortunately, you’re essentially limited to doing the same in solo mode, and this truly squanders the potential that solo mode has.

Let the servers be a place for realism, and let solo mode be a place where we can just have fun. This is already partially possible, as we can do crazy aerobatic maneuvers with fighters. Unfortunately, that’s rather it, as in order to do anything else, you have to go through an extraordinarily long set up procedure, and often times it just isn’t worth it. Being able to select a spot on the map, with a preset speed and altitude, will enable a wide variety of new activities that can be performed on solo mode.

Here’s one example: If I wanted to recreate Air France 447 (forget the fact that we don’t have an AF A332), and test out how the aircraft responds in these situations and ways to recover from it, I would need to either spawn at Rio, file a flight plan, get up to altitude, get far out into the ocean, and by that time I’m already fast asleep. Imagine being able to select your aircraft, and then select a random point on the map, with your desired speed, heading, and altitude. Even if you feel like this isn;t a huge issue, this feature would still be nice to have. So why not?

Actually with x5 it takes like 2 minutes to reach altitude if you just blast it anyways.

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Not a bad idea and possible. On the demo iPads during events they have a similar feature in select locations. It’s there to grab the eye of people to pretty places within IF.

Well ive seen this similar feature on a other flight simulator, but having this feature in solo is great, but in live its not recommended cause it breaks the realism, and maybe i can clear a vote for this cause i hate to spawn directly on the runway on solo.

There are countless of fixes around the world with many very close to one another … maybe spawning on a selected navaid?

This idea is similar to this one though