Solo Low Power Glitch

@Saharsh and I were doing some testing, and it seems if you’re descending above 260kts, you’ll have your entire plane be affected too. We were both able to reproduce the wing flapping issue, as well as the whole plane shaking and tilting around on descent. Speeds were around 290-300kts indicated at -1600VS. My guess is that since the whole plane seems to be shaking when this happens on descent, the autopilot’s limits gets exceeded when a plane spontaneously performs a sharp bank or something like that. Winds were at 0kts. @Saharsh mentioned nothing happened on ascent, and we both found no issues with the whole plane shaking during cruise.

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I was at cruising around 35,000 when it first happened. It happened at 38,000 today as well.

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Interesting, I tried 31000, 33000, 35000, 37000, and 39000 and the AP didn’t disconnect.

Promise I’m not making it up! I do not know how to recreate the auto pilot disconnection, but the wing movement seems to be the most common thing seen as well.

What mach were you cruising at? Just trying to replicate it as closely as I can.

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I happened to be going 0.86.

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Just did another test with a non wing-flex capable plane. @Saharsh will have some more things on his end, but here’s what I found.

  1. If you’re going fast in a non wing-flex plane and descending above 260kts and at around 1200-1600VS (didn’t want to do something too absurd), you’ll find the whole plane shaking. I wasn’t able to see any issues with non-wing flex planes shaking about in cruise, regardless of speed.
  2. Going fast in any wing flex plane, whether it be cruise, ascent, or descent, seems to cause the whole plane to shake. Since the plane shaking can cause it to make sporadic sharp movements (the 747 and 737 I used both pulled almost 90-degree banks in an instant), the autopilot most definitely detects that the limits of it were exceeded and disconnected as a result.
  3. The wing flapping movement is solely limited to wing-flex capable aircraft.

Are you able to upload your replay via so we can see exactly what happened?

I was able to reproduce the AP disconnect, but only on climb for some reason. Still trying at cruise.

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I do not have that save file, but I am doing tests right now.

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Ok, so I was able to do a test with the bad shaking. It seems like the lighter the plane is, the more likely an AP disconnect will happen. Do you want me to share that file?

Alright, so I have come to some conclusions.

  • Only happens on aircraft with wing flex
  • Whole plane was shaking below FL280 and only wings above FL280
  • AP disconnected on climb going 2500 VS @ 300 knots
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Hiya folks! Just wanted to pop in and say that this is an experimental feature that was added in 20.2 “for fun.” As such, I’d expect that bugs will come with the territory. With any luck, the developers will improve on this in future releases, but for now, we’re stuck with the current version. Hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience. :)

Happy flying!


Ah! This makes sense! Thank you!

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