Solo glitch

So sometimes i like to do solo flights and when i am at cruising altitude and i put it on 5x speed the wings start to flap like birds is that normal???

it is normal, its just the wingflex that they have added.

Yes, it also depends on the winds, weather, etc.

Is it for the rest of the flight or just momentarly after you set 5x speed?

for the whole flight but when i take it off the wingflex stops

Is it actually like a bird, like, that hard?

Often you can really see that the wings and the aircraft moving because everything is happening 5x faster. Things move dramatically quicker than they would if it was in 1x speed. That’s why you can really see it.


I tried but it on no winds and no weather

do you have 20% trim or more? If yes, reduce the trim to 10% or less, it works for many people.

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yes lol…

@Sashaz55 has a good point. Maybe it is because the speed is 5x faster than usual.


What happens to me is when i go on replay and set turbulence to extreme, my wings flap like crazy (using 1x speed)

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