Solo Flying

Quick question on solo mode, why can’t users without live pro fly from purchased regions to other purchased/default regions without it shutting your engines off and causing you to crash?

So that it is a challenge and you don’t fly around the world for free.
Even though nothing would be there anyway.


Then you could fly from KJFK-WSSS (both in regions) which is a global flight, and maybe you could take a few stops along the way. Say, KJFK-KSFO-YPPH-OMDB-LEZL-WSSS.

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Yeah but, nobody can fly that route in solo mode, you can’t even leave the region in solo mode or you’ll get a warning message and crash

So therefore, if there isn’t anything there, the users without live pro can still have access to a full globe but without maps they did not pay for, which wouldve been better