Solo Flight

Instrument panel of a Piper Warrior II

Flying over Pascagoula

Flying near some clouds

Flying over Pensacola

Pictures from one of my solo flights. Was pretty early on in my training. The controller had me maintain VFR at 045 to avoid a plane at 040 and 050. Was weird to get VFR radar vectors. Had to proceed direct to a NAVAID to avoid Air Force restricted area.


Ya know if I was doing my Solo I would be singing King Kuta by Kendrick Lamar, Good job lad


Congratulations, it’s a real achievement!


by that i don’t mean all others are not real it just means this is a big one ;)

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Not gonna lie, I often find myself humming when I’m busy be it on an ATC position or flying.

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Awesome! Congrats :)

Seems relaxing to say the least

If you don’t mind answering is that you on your pfp?

It is with my pilot in command during that flight.

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Thats actually pretty cool 😎

Nice flight!

Congratulations! Happy flying c:

Not bad :)

Congratulations! Good luck on your next steps!

This wasn’t your first solo, was it? I wouldn’t think you’d get vectors in the circuit. Looks like a fun flight though, congrats!

It was not my first solo. I wasn’t in the pattern, I was en-route to a satellite field around the class C. It was a pretty fun flight was pretty long though and a little bumpy

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