Solo Flight. 747-400

I decided to do a flight on a 747 KLM from KLAX-KSFO because I love the 747 and at the time I picked, it allowed me to takeoff almost at sunset and transition to the dark.
Aircraft: 747-400
Server: Solo

Parked @ Tom Bradley Intl. Terminal Gate 151

Takeoff From 24L

Approach On The Visual 28R

Final For 28R


Here is a video of it:


Nice photos mate! Like before, please change this to #screenshots-and-videos, that is the correct category.

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Sorry 😐 I thought I did


I was typing and it got changed, so I cancelled the post, then it went back to General 😂

It’s almost 1:00 AM and this is what your doing…anyways, nice video!

completly a joke by the way lol, @Helicopterzzz knows I’m joking.

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Lol 😆. Hope it was nice. This was my first time doing a transition and stopping the music get the takeoff and landing, then playing back the music.

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Lol I did not have time during the day

I was up to 3am on the IFC yesterday 🙄. It’s now 9am for me, how do you think I feel? Back on topic anyway lmao 😂

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Nice. I hoped you enjoyed working in patterns, as it is a helpful and needed work to become a pilot in the real world.

Good idea I was about to put us on a group chat


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