Solo Cross Country

Yesterday was supposed to be my private pilot checkride but the examiner canceled so let’s go fly somewhere.
Flight Time 2.9
I departed KGYI at 16:17 local and landed at KPWA at 17:31 then I departed KPWA at 18:14 and landed at KGYI at 19:21

Preflight complete and fuel tanks topped off

Climbing up to 6500 ft
passing Ardmore
Oil 🛢️
University of Oklahoma
Downtown Oklahoma City

Atlantic FBO Wiley Post airport

Beautiful right turn heading back to KGYI
Amazing sunset at 7500ft
back home at KGYI



That’s awesome dude!! Is it a g1000 or 6 pack 172S?

It’s a G1000 C172SP

That’s sick!! I’ve been in a combo of the 182T, 172S, and some DA40’s. Some 6 pack some g1000.

When do you think you’ll have your checkride?

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Supposed to be next Saturday

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Best of luck one of the most stressful but rewarding moments in your life!!

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I think instrument and commercial will be a lot harder

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No doubt….but…quite the milestone to have behind you!!

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surprised they put you there and not closer to the grass

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