Solo CRJ Flight

Hey IFC, today around 1:00PM(Pacific time) I did a flight on solo due to my subscription ending, on a magnificent CRJ-200

Without further or due here are my photos:

1:) This is me parked at KSAN

2:) Now I am holding short

3:) Lift OFF!

4:) Cruising with KLAX on the bottom, to the right

5:) Me approaching into KSFO runway 28L with KNUQ behind me on the bottom a little off to the right

6:) Above runway 28L

7:) Grease landing (ish) for a CRJ

8:)Finally parked

BTW: Here is my flight report from Lovely “Infinite Passengers


I like how you put smiley faces at the end of every number, nice touch!


I use Infinite Flight Passengers, by the way nice pics and I love love love San Diego 😆🥳

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I wouldn’t of noticed that if you hadn’t said that but I love it. Don’t forget your landing lights!

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The reason of the landing lights it’s because since the AGL goes below 10,000 then above just trying to tell, it told me

I was just kidding but I understand.

No problem this was just a beautiful flight

Lovely flight, just lift off😫…

Lift off, at kennedy space Centre, with the…

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You should try flying to SJC next time rather than having it simply in one of your pictures 😏

Great pictures! I love the scenery along the coastline :)

Edit: Just noticed something. That’s not SJC… It’s NUQ 😂

Will change thanks!