Solo ATC Mode

I’ve always loved the idea of having a practice mode for ATC, like solo for ATC. Where you could test your controlling abilities on your own time, in environments you may not be able to experience, for fun or for more practical reasons. Kind of like an ATC simulator within an ATC simulator, if you think about it.

Here’s some ideas for such a mode.

  • An “aircraft pitching machine” that throws aircraft at you at a select spot on the map (base, downwind, random, XX nms away, etc.) where the aircraft would spawn in the air, so you can practice ILS clearance timing and other approach types as Radar, or pattern entries and sequence as Tower. Like an endless stream from one or more selected places.
  • Scoring system where it grades your ILS clearance timing, so you can get live feedback
  • Spawn in a select amount of aircraft on the ground or air to practice proficiency on any frequency
  • Simulated airspace to practice handling higher workloads on any frequency, ramps up the amount of traffic a few minutes at a time till you can’t handle anymore
  • Alerts for when you break terrain or aircraft separation when controlling as Radar
  • Ability for another person (ATC Trainer) to spectate the controller’s end live to give them feedback
  • etc.

People that would use this.

  • Local trainees getting ready to take their practical, trying to get extra practice in
  • Radar trainees trying to nail down ILS clearance timing and vectoring, getting acclimated to controlling Radar
  • Training to help out those in timezones with limited availability for pilots and trainers
  • Radar controllers scouting out terrain then trying to apply it on Solo to see if they caught every peak
  • Controllers who want to get acclimated to a frequency again or get acclimated to higher workload
  • Controllers who want to prepare for an event at a particular airport with increased traffic before the event occurs, inputing the procedures that will be used and trying it out before it happens live
  • People who are bored and want to challenge themselves offline for fun
  • Those who want to get a taste for what controlling is like before getting started, like those without a sub or for those with a sub who are afraid to try

Thoughts? Any more ideas? Maybe this is just a great third-party app idea that I’d happily pay for if someone made, even just the “pitching machine” idea. But it’d be amazing if this was in-app so we could use the native UI, procedures, etc. I’d use it tons.

This sounds like quite a helpful idea. Voted !

This is an amazing idea! voted :)

Awesome, thanks! If anyone has any more ideas I can add it to the list.

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This could be really cool!

Great idea! Voted :D

It should be helpful for ATC pratice😊

For Training, I think this would be a pretty cool solution where a Trainer could maybe even spectate the controller live. One extra idea.

What a fantastic idea! I’m surprised nobody else has thought it up :) Voted

Nice idea, Trio! This could be very useful- especially for training purposes. You have my vote ;)

Definitely voting, this would be extremely helpful on multiple levels for controllers of all abilities!


Voted, this will really help all kinds of controllers. Nice idea Kyle!

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Voted from Seems super helpful!

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Sounds like like an awesome feature but I’m wondering how hard this would be to implement, it seems difficult.

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You know, I’ve played a PC game like this, called “Global ATC Simulator” I suggest you check it out! Global coverage, and very realistic

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You have my vote this is going to be super helpful for someone’s practical exam. Edit happy birthday. 🎉


well the first sentence got me!


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Amazing idea! But I used out all of my votes😢

This. Is. An. Amazing. Idea. You got my vote!

Happy birthday!