Solo and Live Replays unavailable after Pro Sub ends

Good evening fellow virtual pilots and controllers.

You might have experienced this same problem if you too decided not to get a new sub directly after the end of the previous.

With 19.1 we got the wonderful replay system full of promises. Now here’s my problem, one thing I understood, wrongly apparently, is that I keep replays of previous flights, with or without sub.

That’s a bit annoying knowing that I did a pretty nice formation flight and wanted to get a video of it now :/ but that’s not the subject…

Is it normal that I don’t have access to my replays. It would make sense if it’s so but I really want to make that video you know haha

Thanks for reading, waiting for an answer

insert confusion

Chris, I think there’s a misunderstanding.


Normally all the replay files are in a white font, so they are actually selectable. In his case, he can’t select the replay files he made when he had a Pro Subscription (or before he had it) as they are in a grey font.


If you did a flight in a IF Pro aircraft and/or airport (outside of regions) you will not have access to those if your subscription runs out.

If you did a flight with a free aircraft and/or at a free airport you should have access.


OK that makes sense, thanks for the answer.

Also thank you @Marc


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