Solo "20 sec ago" glitch

In solo flight when I use 20 seconds ago button more than twice but the plane won’t go before than the initial 20 seconds. 20 second ago bug
As mentioned in this topic, but not fixed in 22.7.1 hotfix.

OS: Android 12
Device: Galaxy Note 10
IF ver: 22.7.1


The reason was addressed in the same post you linked, this is by design:


But not fixed on my Android.

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I’m unsure what Cam was talking about, Laura and many others have stated the button would stay as it was, the update did not seem to change it for anyone.


Just confirming, are you saying that there is a bug because you can’t select the 20 seconds back button twice to go back 40 seconds per say?

If so, this isn’t a bug. It was recently changed to be more in line with the way things run in the code, so now you can only go back 20 seconds once.

Someone might want to tell Cameron that, then.

His comment (which was marked as the solution) does suggest this is a bug and was expected to be fixed. Laura also alluded to the same.

I can definitely see how there can be confusion in what the developers and executive team are intending here. There does seem to be some wires being crossed in communication.

Simple miscommunication, let me explain here.

The previous 20s feature used the older replay system we used back in the day. It had become obsolete and unmaintained.

This current iteration of the 20s back is based on a newer system that we’re using extensively in other parts of the app. Since we’re always iterating, we started porting this system to the 20s replay. It doesn’t allow replay of more than 20s but it should be good enough for the majority of the cases. If there’s widespread need for more, we’ll look into having a way to go back more than 20s.


Dang! I would not have expected a response from the CEO at 3:30 in the morning.

Thanks for the explanation Laura!


Lives in France

Understood. I appreciate all developer’s great work.
and time to sleep @BurritoLeo 🙃


The bug I was referring to was an app crash when using this feature while logged out. We fixed that in the hotfix as it was rather critical :)


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