solid aircraft

In infinite we have aircraft like a cloud of gasses arranged together. as aircraft can pass through each other. If we have solid aircraft that they crash if they collide. it’ll serve many purposes.

  1. impatient and jumpy pilots will be more cautious about interferrying with traffic. as now they will also have to start all over again.

  2. on training and casual server it’ll help spread the traffic and not clog in at egll and klax.

  3. and only in expert server if there is any collision appropriate actions can be taken.

Ok but:

What if a troll in TS1 tries to collide with multiple people when they have reached the runway and are about to take off?

What if the troll now wants to take off a fighter and hits a normal person cruising trying to reach his 8 hour left destination?

Are the players getting hit going to reastart too?


Just my opinion, but I think it opens the door for trolling more than sealing it shut.

You mention for expert where actions could be taken. What sort? How will it be handled? System or manually? If system, my concerns are how it will tell who, in your example, is the victim and who caused it. If manually, I think that’s unnecessary workload by mods/staff. Any collisions on the ground at an active airfield are already punishable by ghosting if appropriate.


I don’t want to be a bring down, but this would cause major lag spikes on certain servers.


I prefer the other topic.


Unless there is a way where you can make everyone behave and no trolls, I would support this idea.

Otherwise, I just see this as a way to make Infinite Flight unpleasant for everyone because of a few trolls.

I have to agree with @Bryant_Lol here.