Solaseed Air 737-800

Solaseed Air 737-800


About Solaseed Air

Solaseed air is an airline based in Japan mainly serving the Kyushu region of Japan. They operate mainly at Tokyo Haneda and Naha. The airline has 13 737-800s.

Why we need a Solaseed Air 737-800

As I have said in other place, in my opinion Japanese airliners aren’t really represented enough on Infinite Flight. Since nobody made a feature request on this I thought I should do this myself. If we have the Solaseed Air we have more Japanese flights we can fly in Infinite Flight. I know, Solaseed Air isn’t a major airline, but I think it’ll be a nice touch with the existing airliners. I hope you would vote for this! Ok ya it’s mostly because I really want this livery and I see why Infinite Flight won’t put this livery in the game.

Have you seen the double meaning in the logo on the vertical stabilizer? It’s a smiley face and two people!

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I have seen this airliner in another game (Atc controlling game) and i liked this livery. If i can have a free vote in the future, i would like to use it for this beauty. Also i liked starmax air livery.

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Is it ぼくは航空管制官?

Ah unfortunately i don’t know Japanese, but i guess you mentioned true.

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@ran, @RTW1230, @Everything_Matthew, @thenewpilot, @simplewaffles, @DanyyRude, @Infinite_flight_play, @KIND9624, @Haru,

You may want to vote for a partner airline :)


While I am out of votes, I will share @anon45500775’s topic showcasing this livery in IF!

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As I’m making a Tokyo flyout, this livery, the Air Do 737-700 and the ANA 737-800 would be the backbone of the event. I have to resort to blank 737s and ANA A321s…


Voting for this!

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