SolarCargo DC-10F | SCFA>SCEL

Hello Everybody

Today we will be flying from SCFA to SCEL or Antofagasta to Santiago in a DC-10F operated by SolarCargo as the title suggests. Our flight will fly over east desserts and mountains of South America. A somewhat uneventful flight, was still fun to fly a DC-10 after a long time of not touching the tri-jets.

Flight Information
Server – Expert
Flight Time – 2h38 Approx
Aircraft – SolarCargo DC-10F
Callsign – YV524T

Loading cargo pallets at the apron, preparing flight plan and departure

Cleared for takeoff RWY19… Positive-rate, Gear Up!

What a nice view. Unitl next time, Good-by Antofagasta!

After climbing to FL410, we have become surrounded by mountains.

Descenting for Santiago, its nice to see traffic(BA 787-10) heading to Santiago too.

Turning for the approach to Santiago. More Nice Views and what appears to be some snow caped mountain waaaay off in the background.

Lined up on the ILS for RWY17R. We can see a AeroMexico 777-200ER ahead.

On short-final now. Traffic on the parallel RWY17L being cleared for takeoff

Vacated the runway, taxiing past the international terminal to get to the cargo aprons.

Engines off, Doors open, unloading pallets.

Thank you for joining me on this flight, please feel free to comment below what you thought about this flight or post.

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Until next-time, See ya


What country is this Cargo airline based in?



I know it isn’t realistic as I did fly to the country so we’ll just call it a chartered flight but airline is a Venezuelan cargo airline.

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Was that legit at FL410? Those mountains are crazy!

@Infinite_Qantas and @CrazyMinecart12, I just wanted to know so I can get the correct airport

Yup, Sure was, the mountains were quite impressive. the only reason I was that high was though was to get out of bad weather. It was even worse up at FL410 with crosswinds of over 100kn

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