Solar impulse

Hey there,
the solar impulse shoud be added, it will be challenging!
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Uuuhm, first off, we wouldn’t be able to fly at night/evening/sunrise.
Second, a solar plane? Really? I mean, it’s a cool idea but…


remember, the solar impulse Charge from the sun

I know, which is why flying at night would be impossible and flying at sunset/sunrise would be hard/impossible. Furthermore, I can imagine it is really hard to build in a system that in real time detects specific amounts of sunlight and transmits that amount of energy to the engines in the simulator itself.

I said Charge, so it can fly in night
sunrise and sunset contain sun

@Maxmustang you will like this Idea

Sorry I misunderstood.
If it wasn’t to be charged, sunrise and sunset would mean only slow flying would be possible.

Doesn’t work.

Have fun flying at 35 knots! Lol!


Fighter jet blasts past by


I feel bad for the ATC trying to sequence this with everyone else, even a 172 can overtake this thing.

Could a bird overtake it too? NickChan could!

Birds are quite fast, they probably can.

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I really would like to see this, my problem I just wouldn’t like to see hundreds of people flying it on live due to the realism factor.

This is a great idea. However, there should be a feature where you can only fly it during the day. Still, amazing.

Here I go. Since there is only one solar impulse whatever in the world, it would be unrealistic to have hundreds of them flying around in SoCal. However, the same can be said for the current registration system, meaning all aircraft of the same type and livery have the same registration. So, yes I’d like to see this, but maybe after Global hint hint and the MD11 and DC10 hint hint.

If I speak my truth I would say it’s an unnecessary addition to the planes we already have. Also, they are putting a lot of time into global at the moment so if this did happen it won’t be for a while. ;)

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