Solar eclipses

Today, infinite flight have real life weather. Will there have solar eclipse in the game?

There are solar eclipses in IF. You just need to go to the correct day. The only thing is that they don’t simulate the shadow

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They are. Don’t give incorrect information please.


i cannot see any eclipse in the game now

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Because there aren’t any happening right now…

There was one today in the UAE and I believe there is lots over Asia today :)

Its happening in the Eastern Hemisphere…
There is a possibility of solar eclipse happening around now I think.

Huh I guess there is.

Go to somewhere in Eastern China and you should see something. However the area of totality is now over the ocean.

The eclipse will be over in an hour at time of writing so you’d better hurry.

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I was at antartic and 12 oclock was night

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The solar eclipse is not in the Antarctic - it was clearly 12am then - then it was clearly night…

Screenshot 2020-06-21 at 16.49.13
Here you can see where the eclipse passed…
It will be around 40 mins before it ends
But I’m not sure if it’s visible on Infinite Flight though

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You can are joking. I forgot to woke up ):

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Haha! That is what happens when you sleep in -_-


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