Solar eclipse (total)

Hello there, the reason I am requesting this is because it would be SO COOL to be flying and see the solar eclipse in the Infinite Flight skies. Here’s why. The solar eclipse would be a captivating addition to Infinite Flight, enhancing the immersive experience for virtual aviators. Firstly, the celestial event introduces a dynamic element to the simulation, challenging pilots to adapt to changing lighting conditions. As the moon casts its shadow on the Earth, users would need to navigate through varying degrees of darkness, requiring heightened skills and precision. This adds a layer of realism and excitement, pushing the boundaries of flight simulation and making each journey unique.

Secondly, the visual spectacle of a solar eclipse would undoubtedly elevate the graphics and aesthetics of Infinite Flight. The game’s developers could implement realistic rendering of the moon’s shadow moving across the landscape, creating a visually stunning and awe-inspiring atmosphere. This not only enhances the overall user experience but also provides an educational component, allowing players to observe and appreciate the complexities of celestial phenomena within the virtual aviation environment.

Lastly, the inclusion of a solar eclipse in Infinite Flight could serve as a special event or challenge, fostering community engagement. Pilots might be tasked with navigating specific routes to witness the eclipse from optimal vantage points, adding an element of strategy and competition. This encourages a sense of camaraderie among players, as they share their experiences and strategies for successfully capturing the breathtaking moment in the virtual skies. In conclusion, the solar eclipse brings a multifaceted enhancement to Infinite Flight, from challenging gameplay dynamics to stunning visual elements and community-building opportunities.

photo credit: @IgorZh

The would be incredibly hard to implant

Also check for topics before making one :)

It had to go through the community moderators first though lol

I’m all for Astronomical events, but you wouldn’t want the planets to be represented first? (check out Mars and Venus next to each other in the irl sky at the date this is written - they’re right next to each other at the moment, they were almost “touching”, even though one is an inner planet and the other an outer planet. That in itself is a bizarre sight.)

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I did a quick concept of it – basically an eclipse would be consisting on an accelerated sunset sky color change followed by a change of the visual representing the sun and moon, then back to a sunrise sky progression

I am not certain that the whole eclipse could be dynamic, but that would make it a great addition!