SOIA Approaches

Hi, I was just wondering if SOIA Approaches exist in IF. For those who doesn’t know what is a SOIA Approach, here’s a video of Captain Joe.


I’ve seen it before, but only during VA events and stuff


Oh okay, then how could [IF]ATC handle that?

They should be able to, @Trio may know

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I see, but many pilots don’t know how to do this type of approach

it only really works if you have external communications with the other person


Yeah, so except for VA events and stuff, SOIA approaches should be avoided?

you can always try, but VA events are usually the best way to do SOIA approaches


Okay thanks!

Controllers need to ensure 1000ft of vertical separation is maintained on final when they are cleared for an approach, but those types of simultaneous parallel approaches can happen often. We don’t have the type of commands like “aircraft in sight” to send.


A maintain visual separation would be a terrific new command to have in the toolkit. There are so many scenarios and airports where this would come in handy.


I learn something with this post, thanks!
On a side note, I realize I had such approach once in IF without knowing the term:

It exists but you gotta be lucky to land with another person, Like in KSFO alot of parallel landings even in IF, So its luck.

Actually it does not exist within IF. At KSFO, for example, none of the localizers are modified to not be exactly on the runway centerline

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