“Soft Updates”

Would it be better for the flight sim in general if developed aircraft like the DC-10 and the CRJ were given an update much like the A320 was where the newest features such as live cockpits were added?

Recently i have seen many people complain about how long each update takes and though i am not one of these people I can see their frustration.

For the record i’m not that knowledgable about the developmental process at infinite flight but by my logic one way to ship updates quicker from an aircraft rework standpoint would be to do so called “Soft Reworks” on more developed aircraft to get really high quality aircraft into the sim as quickly as possible.

However I’m not sure if these so called soft reworks take almost as much time as a completely reworked aircraft. If that is true then there is no debate. But if the update release time is shorter for the more developed aircraft my question would be. Would you rather have an old (in IF) aircraft completely reworked or multiple more recently developed aircraft reworked.

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a couple of days and was wondering if this could be a way to reduce the waiting times for updates which I see many people get frustrated about.

Thanks for reading :)


The best way to have your voice heard in regards to this is to vote in #features :)

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That’s would be cool but I think they might have a plan on what aircraft they are going to give the soft rework to. But they might bring the soft rework in other bigger updates. The Devs have the power

No, the 757, 767, A330 and A340 have been neglected for too long. At this rate they would never be redone.


Unfortunately, I doubt this will ever happen. It’s all up to the devs :)

The simple answer is that some planes are not ready for a soft update and some are not able to simply just plug in live instruments. It all depends on the model and what state is it in.

You have a beat up car that needs a new transmission. That transmission costs $3000. Do you spend the time and money on a new transmission that may only buy you a little bit more time with the car or do you save up a little more and get a shiny new one with a gas gauge that works?


Chris is right it’s not as simple as “just adding it”

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I share this view to be honest but due to the small development at IF i fear that even just the aircraft listed may take well over 3 or 4 years to develop.

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It depends on how much the car might mean to you.


I suspected that might be the case. Do you know what is required for a soft update?

Not specifically as I am not a dev.


Im not trying to say that it’s easy to just add a feature but more is it easier? I know its still an extremely difficult process.

Honestly I almost think the best option would be to hire more or freelance some more developers. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Especially with so many people home looking for work right now, it might speed things up within the game…


I agree with that but the devs also have a life and developing a new aircraft is hard work.


Easy for you to say, but Infinite Flight has a budget. More Devs = Higher Cost = Less Updates/Content. :P

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Then of course they may have to increase the subscription price which is already quite high but i would be happy to pay another dollar or two for faster development on my favourite sim.

Yeah but look how many new users we’ve had within the last 3 months. The profit margins likely increased dramatically. There would be room for some new, even part time hires. @William_Jones

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Do you know how much work it takes to develop a plane with an inside cabin and all the other features that IF is adding? A long time that’s for sure

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We don’t really know about their finances many users may have recently joined the sim but they receive most of their income from returning customers.

But that’s why I’m suggesting a new hire or two. You just proved my point… Lessen the workload, and speed up productivity

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