Soft Boeing 767-300 Rework

Before you ignore/close the request and point me to the existing request thread, PLEASE read what I am requesting… With this soft rework, I am asking that we receive MINOR touch ups on the Boeing 767-300er. They are as follows;

  • Gear tilt (Similar to that of the Airbus A350)
  • We are asking for a gear tilt rework like the 787 and 747 variants received.
  • Correct door configurations
  • Most 763’s have 2 forward doors and 2 rear doors. 1 at the front and back of each side. The 763’s on the app have 4 on each side.
  • Updated flap reaction speeds
  • The flaps retract/lower way faster than they would in real life. Too fast…
  • New/updated liveries (not as important as the previous features)
  • I have a website with current operators of the Boeing 767-300 which will be listed below. However, livery additions are not the main focus. The main focuses right now are gear tilt and the correction of the door configurations.

Here are some comparisons of the current Boeing 767-300 on Infinite flight with the real Boeing 767-300 and the features we are looking forward to having. (the ones listed above👆🏾) Later on, we can focus on live cockpit and engine sounds, but we want to have these things updated as soon as we can get them

To our wonderful developers, I appreciate all that you do, however I think it’s time for an older plane to get some love now. I mean come on, it hasn’t been touched in almost 10 years 🤦🏾‍♂️ I and many others were hoping that the 767 would’ve received a rework with the 757 since they are almost the same plane. At least they’re close enough that pilots could fly them at the same time 🤷🏾‍♂️ We are asking for these few additions/touch ups until we can get a full rework. Please take this into consideration 🙏🏾

Only one photo is allowed per feature request as per the Category Guidelines. Furthermore, most of what you requested in this topic isn’t able to be done unless it’s with a full rework due to the age of the aircraft.


You missed a cockpit rework with live instruments such as the 737.
Nevertheless, a full rework is close to 800 votes
I say let’s push for that instead and hope it comes after a new/rework regional jet update


Probably best to stick with this topic here:

The features mentioned here can apply to the topic above as well. That one is also almost at 750 votes, so the support is high.