SoFlo's Best Kept Secret

Flying in IF can be an incredible experience, building both pilot skills and confidence. But where does an aspiring pilot go to practice? With smaller aircraft, it’s easy to get some pattern work done just about anywhere. As the size of the aircraft increase, the number of usable airports decrease, and those can often be busy. Flying in Solo is an option, but many of us prefer the Live experience. To those looking for a good place to practice with larger aircraft, I suggest Homestead Air Reserve Base in the South Florida region. KHST has a long runway and is largely underutilized, especially on the Casual and TS1 servers. At roughly 11,000 X 300 feet, the runway is capable of handling even the largest aircraft. It’s close proximity to KMIA provides an international airport option that’s just minutes away. Remember, this is a military facility, so I would hesitate practicing here on the Expert server. So what are you waiting for? Climb into the cockpit of an A380, a B747, or any large aircraft, and come down to Homestead for some practice.


What logic am I missing?


I would simply assume that this is how he is personally justifying that one specific statement…


Yeah… You may get shot down from the sky on Expert for flying into a military base XD


Nice suggestion. I’ve flown from KTPA-KHST doing Touch and goes and boy did I get a lot of XP

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You should check out KTNT… that is SoFlo’s best kept secret in my opinion.


Expert controllers won’t get mad at a person for flying a commercial aircraft at a military base. What we will get annoyed with tho is if patterns from that airfield interfere with the inbounds coming into MIA

You know if you fly into the center of SoFlo you can see Lake Okeechobe, it does not show on the map but if you fly around the central northern areas you will see it :)
Now that is SoFlo’s best kept secret, KHST Has a long runway, so? Allot of airports do.

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SoFlo’s best kept secret is the Ocean Reef Club airport (07FA) on the very north east corner of the Florida Keys. Get out of those junk ‘trash haulers’ (Mustang, 2014) and get into a Super D or 172 and try it out.


Yes Yes Yes, Coolest airport in SoFlo Region!!! “07FA”

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