SoFlo Air's Caribbean Recovery @ TNCM - 242300ZSEP17

Server: Training Sever 1

Region: Carribean


Time: 2300Z

NOTAM: Hurricane Irma has devestated the carribean islands with its deadly Winds, Rain, and Inundations. Here at SoFlo Air we stand with Irma Victims and will do anything we can to bring them food, supplies, and fresh clean water. Join us on our ride to help the Irma Victims!

Aircraft: Any C-130


Here is the flightplan, please copy it off of the event leader (Chris Chief 305) We will depart from runway 10 at TNCM, climb up to FL120 (12,000 Feet) our climb speed will be 210 KIAS, Once we are established at our cruise altitude you may speed up to 300 KIAS. Please descend in time for your landing at TAPA, once at TAPA please pull off to the Apron and unload supplies and taxi back to the runway for departure, there we will do the same procedure for TFFR!

Gate A01: @Cpt_Chris (Event Leader
Gate A02: @Balloonchaser
Gate A03: @Jack
Gate A04
Gate B01:
Gate B02:
Gate B03:
Gate B04:
Gate B05:
Gate C01:
Gate C02:
Gate C03:
Gate C04:
Gate C05:
Gate C06:
Gate C07:
Gate C08:
Gate C09:
Gate C10:
Gate C11:
Gate C12:

SoFlo Air VA

Main Thread: SoFlo Air Virtual Airline's | Now hiring staff & pilots | #ExecMiami #WeStandForIrmaVictims


Can I join this event?

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The event will be delayed until next week sunday! Sorry about the inconvinience.

@Balloonchaser A02 is all yours! See ya at he event, @Jack A03 is yours, welcome aboard!

Aw ;( well that’s ok I’ll be sure to attend!

I probably wont be able to attend next week… #HotAirBalloonFestival

I’ll be there! What gate?

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