SoFlo Air Virtuals's Zig Zag Through Florida @ KTPA - 132200ZAUG17 {Event Cancelled}

Server: Expert

Region: South Florida


Time: 2200Z

Aircraft: Dash 8 Q400 or 737-700

Notam: Its been a minute since the last SoFlo Air Event, for this event we’re doing multiple touch and goes while zig zagging through the soflo region, come in your dash 8 or 737-700! Cruise at 12,000 Feet with a vertical speed of 3100, please descend in time for your touch and goes, your cruise speed will be 300 KIAS. We will spawn in at KTPA, do touch and goes at various airports and come in for a full stop at KMIA! We will also have IFATC coverage so please follow all instructions as ghosting will be enforced, hope to see you at this event!


E62: Cpt_Chris (Event Leader)
E64: @SF34
E65: Vacant
E66: Vacant
E67: Vacant
E69: Vacant
E70: Vacant
E71: Vacant
E72: Vacant
E73: Vacant
E74: Vacant
E75: Vacant

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We look foward to seeing you guys at the event, this one will be fun :).


Fixed the title August 13th correct?

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Event is on Sunday the 13th, Thanks allot chris :).

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There is a slim chance I will be able to make it.

Would you like a gate assignment then? :)

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Sure, but I might not be able to come.

Sure get M2, hope you can make it! :)


Due to interfiering with another VA’s event in the same region and at the same time, we will be changing the event to expert and we will be changing the region to soflo! Event time has changed to 2200Z and there is a high chance IFATC Will be controlling that region. Hope to see people there!

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I’ll try to come, add me in chris.

Echo 64 is all yours! Welcome aboard Reese.

Due to some complications, we will have to cancel the event this week guys. We are very sorry here at soflo va and hope to have you guys attend our events in the future.