SoFlo Air Virtual's Summer Cruise To Miami @ KSRQ - 302000ZJUL17

For this weeks event we will be going from Sarasota to miami in the 737 Family. This will be a pretty long flight, we will take off from runway 32 from Sarasota-Bradenton airport, we will pass through scenic Tampa Bay, go through Lakeland, turn south and go through Vero beach, Palm beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Finally land at Miami Intl airport.
Region: South Florida

Time: 2000Z

Date: Saturday, June 30, 2017

Airport: KSRQ-KMIA

Aircraft: Any 737 Family Aircraft in generic livery

Server: Expert


Here is the FPL, copy it from SFL305 the event leader. Your climbout to 10,000 speed will be 210 knots, once you pass 10,000 your climb to cruise speed will be 270 knots, we will cruise at FL360 and cruise speed mach 0.84, we will descend to 10,000 1000NM out with a VS of -2200 your climb VS will be 3100.
Please dont cut off SFL305 the leader of the event, he will be first in line infront of everyone.


Gate B01: Cpt Chris (Event Leader)
Gate B02: @AllegiantAir
Gate B03: @Eliot_Germanson
Gate B04: @Trevor_A
Gate B05: @JuliettEchoDelta
Gate B06: Vacant
Gate B07: Vacant
Gate B07: Vacant
Gate B08: Vacant
Gate B09: Vacant
Gate B10: Vacant
Gate B11: Vacant
Gate B12: Vacant
Gate B14: Vacant

Hope to see you guys at this event, for more information on SoFlo Air VA please check out our website
As always enjoy the event, and fly in the infinite sunshine! Cheers!

I will take a gate @Cpt_Chris

B02 is all yours, welcome aboard!

I’ll be there, what gate?

You get B03 Boss, welcome aboard!

Just pointing out, it say the 30th of June in your post!

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Can i get a gate please

B04 is all yours ;), see you in sarasota on saturday!

Event is in 4 hours guys, spawn in 10 minutes beforehand. See yall there!

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Gate Assignment Please - SFL19

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Event starts now! Spawn in please! Copy SFL305’s flight plan

Alright guys, today at KMIA the wind is heading from the west so we will use the eastern side of the airport! Use runway 26L and 26R please!

Guys its time Spawn in now!

Sign me in pls…

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