SofiaValdivia's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @MMUN

Hello, my name is Sofia, a pleasure to greet you all, and I hope you are well. I would like to start my training to apply as IFATC, but first I want to see how much I know about ATC. And what better than starting with a knowledge section. I would like you to join me for this practice.

Status: closed
Server: Training
Airport: MMUN
Frequencies: Ground & Tower
Duration: 1 Hour
ATIS: RWY 12R/12L IN USE; Pattern Work, Inbound & Outbound.

To improve and correct bugs, I would like you to leave your comment in this thread, send me a PM and tell me what to correct! Thank you all! We do not see there! :)

I wait for you at MMUN which is open from now on!


I’ll be there in 2 minutes.

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Hey there!
Tag me when you open please.

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Right now it is open! @nicopizarro


How long are you open ?

Hello @InFlightMexicoGirl!

I was N734C, the Southwest 737-700. I has a great ATC session with you today and look forward to flying with you again. Just some positive or constructive to take note of:

  1. I noticed that when you were clearing me for the option, you didn’t specify what traffic you wanted me to make, on take off you did say make left traffic, but it is always safe to say make left/right traffic when clearing me for the option.

  2. Perfect timing when clearing me for the option.

  3. Nearly perfect with handling my go around, the only thing I would change would be issuing cleared for the option once turning downwind. You don’t have to, but if you have a lot of traffic, it’s nice just to let people know that the pilot is doing left or right traffic.

  4. Good about not sending unnecessary messages, such as “Extend downwind, I’ll call your base” as some controllers have, even when I’m the only aircraft in their airspace.

And that’s all! It was definitely a pleasure flying with you and I hope you get accepted into IFATC, from what I saw, you deserve it. So here’s a cookie 🍪.

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30 minutes to close!

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I’ll be there in few seconds.

My call sign VT VAR

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Actually, this isn’t quite right. The only times a direction needs to be included when being cleared for the option are:

  1. When an aircraft first takes off
  2. When an aircraft is inbound for its first touch and go coming from a different airport
  3. On a runway change

Also, I’ll come by in a few minutes!


That’s what I read in the manual! and i got confused now! I don’t know if I did it wrong :)

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No issues from me Sofia! Great session! :))

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Thank you very much my dear Jennifer! Arigato! ^^

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Great job especially considering this was only your second time opening! Feedback for N3RM is below:

  • Great transition

  • Perfect pattern entry and direction given after the option

  • I like that you waited until I was past the threshold to clear Varun number 1 for the option, eliminating the need for a sequence

  • The only (very small) negative thing is that me reporting my position wasn’t unnecessary - pilots will often report when they’re full stop after being in the pattern so the controller knows they will need an exit runway command


Thank you! and I’m very sorry for saying that the report was not necessary

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  • List item

1 The take off clearance was perfect with the traffic direction.

  1. Clearance was good as well.

3 Runway change was good alongbwithbthe pattern entry but the aircraft to follow turned base. Not a big issue though.

  1. Sequence and clearance were good along with the traffic direction.

  2. Exit runway command was very late at 22 kts. For Jets it should be between 85 kts and 60 kts .

Overall it was a good session. Hope to see you as IFATC soon.

You may tag me for future sessions as well.



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Tag me when you open next time!

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