How can you get the telescope open during flight? I don’t know, can someone tel it to me.

I dont know how to do this either, i would also love to know!

Climb to FL400 (40,000 ft)


I now go test it out.

Bingo Swang007. To make it easy, try and climb at a semi-shallow angle so you don’t have to make many "stops on the way up. You may have to level out at 28,000 ft. perhaps to gain more speed to keep climbing to 40,000 ft. Tweak with the wind, turbulence and temps to make it easier.

Best, Boeing707

I didn’t know myself, and after reading your response, I just had a majestic flight from KLAX to KSAN with SOFIA. I’m in love with the game even more :smile:

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Lol I was like wow you troll, but it worked…