SOFIA won’t open door at 40000

I can’t seem to open the teliscope door On Sofia. Even with my altitude at 40000. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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I checked on my device also the button labeled “actions” appears to be missing. Maybe a glitch

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But it will open the doors at lower altitudes?

It’s automatic once you reach a certain altitude. Or at least it used to be

Try exitung the game and tring again, if not try restarting the app, then the device…

I remember it not being that way

I’m actually flying it now. I don’t think you can open it.

It used to automatically open at FL400 before global.

I don’t believe you can do it anymore.

There use to be a button labeled actions and you would open the telescope door

Yeah its strange that it isn’t there.

That has never been part of that aircraft. Should have opened above FL400. Good catch on the bug we must have overlooked it in testing.

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No, there used to be an actions button for the door. I remember it as well. Maybe it was only on the ground, but it was definitely there.

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That’s very saddening that I you cannot open it anymore. I was really hoping you could do it sincerely I just subscribed. I really hope they will let you open back up again soon

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Try restarting your app and reinstall it if it’s still not working. If it doesent work after that then it’s fair to say it’s broken.

Yep. Maybe a fix when the CRJ update comes out.

Sorry about this! A slight issue when we’ve reworked actions that slipped… we’ll get it fixed soon. Thanks for letting us know :)


This is what it looked like for those that weren’t pre-global