SOFIA plane won’t download

This issue has been going on for over a year now. I somehow cannot download and fly the Boeing 747 SOFIA. I do not have pro however I was able to access this plane since it was a 20+ purchase prior to global being released. Devs can you look into this and see why it wont download for me. Prior to Global update this was 1 of 2 aircraft to be an IAP 20+ reward. I got it since I made 20+ purchases on the app

Device: iPhone 14
Operating system:iOS 16

This is because the 747-SOFIA is a PRO aircraft - meaning you need an Infinite Flight PRO subscription to access it.
As you current do not have a PRO subscription, you aren’t able to access the SOFIA.

Edit: If you purchased the plane previously, you will need to click “restore purchases” on the aircraft selection page to regain access.

Thats not the issue. If it was a pro aircraft and I dont have pro it would have a lock and say this aircraft requires a pro subscription

I did purchase the plane and when I download it it gives me an error code

Hmm… you were saying that you bought this aircraft prior to global…
How did you iPhone 14 have global way before its release? Or did you get data transferred from an older phone of yours, which perhaps have this aircraft purchased?

I got my iPhone 14 this year. I had an iPhone 11 and 7 plus which the 7 plus was used to purchase all the planes and regions on IF

Data saves on IF servers and Apple/Google play store

Try tapping “Restore purchases” then restart and try again.

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I have done that and also have reinstalled the app and it stills shows code error

its been a issue for about a year now I think this should be 1 of the many bugs that should be addressed asap

When did you buy the subscription?

i play infinite flight with no subscription

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