Sofia Event Screenshots

Hello, guys! Yesterday, I organized an event at Sofia and it was amazing! The ones who didn’t come, you guys missed out big time. Anyway, the event was amazing and I’ve got some screenshots from it.

I first flew from Eindhoven to Sofia, that way I was part of the fly-in part of my event. Then I stayed at the airport for over an hour and then I flew together with @Jeno_Farkas to London Luton.

I flew the Wizzair Airbus A320.

The total flight time of both flights ended up being about 5 hours.

This time, all the photos are edited, some more than others.

Doing some preparations while waiting for boarding at Eindhoven

Parked at Sofia. Beautiful birds lit up by a beautiful sunset, @Jeno_Farkas, you might like this one!

I’m the second plane in the distance

Group picture!

Terminal 2 views

First departure!

Sunrise, scenery and a beautiful plane!

Came in for a smooth landing at London Luton

Parked at London Luton

I’d like to give a massive Thank you to all the participants in my event, you made my day awesome, you made the event the awesome event it became! I hope we fly together again and/or meet each other in a future event.

I hope you liked my screenshots. Any critique, tips, opinions, comments and advice is awaited, respected and appreciated!


Love it. Great post ;)

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Nice shots! Wish I could have come…

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Great event!

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