Sofia Door

Is there a way to open the constelation door on the sofia?if there is,is there a button to open the constelation door?

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Will it open automatically?

Yes it will. 😀

I did not know that!


Did not know that!


I cant get up to 40,000 feet.all that I get is 35,700 feet and then I start to loose altitude.

Try to speed up as fast as you can

I’m doing that but I keep loosing altitude.

Once you are at that point put the throttle at 100% and keep your airspeed up you have to start climbing very slowly

100-200 ft per minute tops

The air is pretty thin up there. You have to do a slow climb, around 100-200 fpm once you’re that high.

Something else you might like to simulate: the weight of SOFIA’s equipment and personnel is around 20t (it underwent a refurbishment recently, so it might be a bit less, but you can assume 20 for now). The rest of the weight is your fuel load; set this to whatever, as long as it’s under your maximum take off weight.

The average 747 will burn around 15-19 tons of fuel on takeoff/climb to cruise (info I’ve been able to find - if someone who comes across this knows better, feel free to add corrections), then about 10 tons/hr during cruise (these are grossly generalised figures that depend on a lot of things IRL, but you can use them for now just to try it out). As you take off and fly out, do a gradual climb (you can probably do about 2500-3000 for much of it, and start to ease off on the climb rate as you get higher), adjusting the fuel load as you go. The heavier you are at that point, the lower the rate you have to have at high altitude. But the basic rule of thumb is slow and steady. It’s certainly achievable.

It worked!


Can you detach the shuttle from the SCA?

Maybe…lol(Reality:probably not)

No that is only a transporter