Sofia Altitude Cap?

Many thanks again! Enjoy the weather down there, I’d trade your mid 20’s for my -2 any day! (Celsius)

Just tried it.

No such issue found.

Mmhmmm. The live weather is an active variable that I may not be able to reproduce next time. You all have had no issues so I suppose I’ll chalk it up to bad luck, or an unknown variable for now.

I’m going to try it again, briefly.

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Haha mid 20’s is a good day, wait until we get high 50’s then you won’t be too happy here :P

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I wasn’t able to reach FL400 either.


FL400 achieved, but as you can see maxed out N1.

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Yes, that is correct.


I reached FL400/M.86 at 90% N1/72% throttle.

I set VS to 500 from FL350-380, 300 from 380-410.

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I just got to fl475

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