Social Distancing, the AvGeek Way [Spotting at San Jose Airport]

March 24, 2020

Hey! With coronavirus now causing many people to quarantine, I was getting bored at home and thought why not go spotting for an hour or so. San Jose was using reverse ops and this usually doesn’t allow for great pictures, but I discovered a new location online and decided to try and head there. I was told this was an employee lot, but some policemen informed me that the employee lot had moved and this was usually open for the public. I got a lot of pictures, so I’ll get right to them!

One of my favorite pictures was this one of a Southwest 737-7H4, registered N562WN. It’s been 6 years, and Southwest still hasn’t finished repainting their fleet into the Heart livery…

With 50% of the traffic at San Jose just being Southwest, I expected to catch a lot of their aircraft. Here’s N8301J, a 737-8H4 about to touchdown after a short hop in from Phoenix.

United has been working on trying to paint all of its aircraft and has made some significant progress, and sent an A319 in the new livery today from Denver! This is N878UA, a 15-year old aircraft making it one of the older aircraft in their fleet.

Alaska’s “Honoring Those Who Serve” aircraft departing to Seattle.

UPS currently flies to San Jose from 3 destinations, Dallas, the Boeing Field in Seattle and Louisville. Here’s a 1-year old 767-300F(ER) moments from touchdown after a flight from Dallas–Fort Worth. The nose is not cut off, click on it to see the entire thing

And here’s N292WN coming in from San Diego, operating with a very limited amount of passengers.

While most of the traffic at San Jose is either with 737s or A320s, Alaska, Delta, and American fly E-Jets here. This is N639QX, a year-old E175 touching down from Boise.

FedEx is one of the last operators of the A300, so I was quite excited to see one. Here’s N681FE, a 20-year old A306 coming in from Laredo.

And to end this topic, a very special A319 was parked here in San Jose. Registered in Germany, I was quite interested to see that it belongs to a charter airline named K5-Aviation, but could not figure out why or when it flew in. Any ideas?

Thanks for viewing my topic, and I hope you liked my pictures!

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So many beautiful pictures at my favorite airport, SJC/KSJC! 😍

You should upload N8301J and D-APGS to JetPhotos! Actually no. Upload ALL of them to JetPhotos! 😃


Great pictures, thanks.

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Those are beautiful!

As @BigBert10 said, you better put them up on JP!

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I’m really impressed! You’ve also inspired me to go spotting again!

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Absolutely stunning pictures! Really well done!

Can’t find much on D-APGS apart from this article (it’s in German but I am sure you can translate it somehow) from April 2019 where it was ferried to SJC after undergoing maintenance in Hamburg. Can’t imagine it was stored the whole time in SJC though.

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These are some pretty nice shots! Good stuff. :)

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Wow those look really nice!

Those are some nice, clear, detailed shots. Amazing job!

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Nice snaps mate!!

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Very nice! I’m hoping United uses this time to paint a lot more of their aircraft, maybe the new livery will start dominating soon

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Thank you! Not sure they’re that good yet though, maybe I’ll try uploading pictures to JP as I get better ;)

Have fun spotting, and thanks!

Thank you! I haven’t seen D-APGS at San Jose except for the first time a couple days ago, so I was wondering if it flew in recently but I guess not. Probably just took it out of a hangar or something. I’m interested to see why it’s been stored here though.

Thank you!


Thank you!


They’ll definitely paint some more aircraft, but I believe their top priority is sending widebodies to Xiamen for retrofits which takes a while to fly them out there and find crews, thanks for viewing!


This is actually a former 737-790 of AS, formerly registered as N624AS :)

Also Southwest’s First 737-8H4. formerly “Warrior one” and I also saw her at DEN yesterday flying to SJC!
Great shots as always!

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Nice pics as always! Love that 738 SWA Heart Livery, so clean and smooth. Nice job with the Alaska 739 too, what a nice livery!

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