Social Distancing from 3,000 feet!

Hello IFC,
Today I got to fly again! This time it was a bit windier but still managed to have a safe and fun flight! Today my pilot friend who just got back from college and I decided to go Little Rock and do some patterns! After that we did a practice ILS into our base airport than we went and circled our houses! It was great fun and always enjoy flying with him! Here’s a few pictures!


Flying with good friends is always fun. Good to see you’re still flying. Had my first ILS practice approach the other day. It was pretty bumpy which made it hard to maintain constant heading. Any tricks would be appreciated I only have 13 hours so far.

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That’s a pretty 🔥 Cessna you got there.

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Two words:


Nice pictures! I can’t wait to fly and just chill in the sky, away from everything else. Just me and the sky and my airplane.


My friend wanted to do the ILS and see how the plane flew it. He hadn’t flown in months


It’s pretty amazing

Pretty much what we did. Just chilling and having a good time

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