Sochi Arrival

Sochi (URSS) has become one of my favourite destinations! The combo of stunning scenery, coastline approach and now the buildings make it a winner.

I flew this flight from Munich, which crosses interesting parts of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Crimea and the Black Sea coast. There are plenty of scenic delights along the way.

The terrain inland from the airport beckons tantalisingly, so I’m going to have to start some local short haul explorations from Sochi for sure!

Server : Expert
Aircraft: A320 (Eurowings 229)
Flight Time : 2hr 36 min

The Photos are just the final approach and parking…

Hope you like the shots, and hope to see you at Sochi sometime 😊


Bruh those pics be lit!

like they were taken on mfs 2020

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😁 Must be that Google Photos MS FS2020 filter!

No, these are 100% Infinite Flight… with a little bit of Google Photos "pop"😉

A love the Photo’s, especially the first one!

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Love the scenery around there. Great photos.

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