- a TMB9 Infinite Flight Fansite Relaunch

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Hey all!

I’ve relaunched and repurposed an old project I was working on last year. Originally I was working on but it has gone stale after trying to form it into a VA (it was never it’s original purpose and I became overwhelmed with it). is not a virtual airline (and to be clear, I have ZERO intentions of making it into a VA because I don’t have a passion for doing so). is a fansite dedicated to virtually flying Infinite Flight’s TBM9 as realistically as possible. I’ve currently included a tour based on a real-world ferried flight from France to California complete with flight plans, airport information, current weather, etc. I’ll be adding charts and more as I continue to add more tours to the site (including a virtual world tour I did last year). My goal is to create role-based content to take your IF TBM9 experience to the next level.

If you love flying the TBM9 and wan’t some realism content, check it out!


This is awesome! Very nice work!

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Very cool stuff!

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Thanks! Excited to start recording some of my TBM9 flights and getting them posted to the site.

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I remember! I think I even signed up for it! Super cool project, you can bet on me trying that world tour!

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I’ve pushed some more flights to

The ferried flight from France to California is 95% complete and content needs tweaked. The World Tour (SCX002) has all flight data available but needs flight descriptions entered for each flight. Let me know what you guys would like to see added to the site if you’re a TBM9 aficionado.