SoCal tour - MY 500TH IF LIVE FLIGHT =)

I’m actually flying to FL410 for a SoCal region tour,

The flightplan estimate 1h30 :)

my flightplan

ZERAN, PEER, BOWNY, TROYE, WOTOK, CL46, ZALJE, 1CL2, CN23, 5CA4, 2CA2, L90, L78, SEVRA, SWABB, GASME, KL15I, RIFFT, PLUTT, TRESE, WAKER, BAYST, KSMO, LAX07, ROMEN, R0954, and finally KLAX (landing planed on RWY24R)

my callsign “TravelSky Super”

I’m on a 330 Generic

you can watch my flight here :

and my stats are here

152 violations?! Wow, how did you reach such a high number? Crossing 250kts < FL100?

Yes and taxi speed sometimes
And at my débuts, airspace violation, because i did’nt watch

J’ai vu pire ^^

Haha moi aussi j’ai vu pire :)

Évite d’en faire: toujours mieux de voler en respectant les contraintes d’altitude, vitesse…

Au plaisir de voler avec toi prochainement,

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English Translation please :) @AF330 @grxninesix

For me:
I’ve seen worse !!