SoCal SoCool Hop | Star Alliance @ MMTJ - 050000ZFEB17

Greetings everyone!
Star Alliance is back with another super fun event!
This week we’ll be in Southern California (and Mexico), with Avianca as this weeks airline!
Hope to see you all there!

Server: Expert

Region: SoCal

Airport: MMTJ

Aircraft: Avianca Aircraft ONLY

Date: February 4

Time: 0000Z

NOTAM: Spawn at your assigned gate. We will make way for Runway 27 and takeoff one by one. If you are one of the first to takeoff, please circle the airport until most of us are airborne, and then continue on the flight plan in formation with the rest of us. We will be flying at 10000ft at 235KIAS, adjust your airspeed accordingly. Descent will start after we pass 2CA airfield (a couple NM south of waypoint OCN42 on flight plan), and follow the flight plan until the localizer for Runway 32 at KRIV. Don’t forget to stay behind at the end for a group photo.
You do not need to be in Star Alliance to join!

Assigned gates will be on the reply wiki below.

Flight Plan

See you all there!


Gate Assignments
GATE 1: @Ousman
GATE 2: @Ricardo-acosta
GATE 3: @Cam_Pilot
GATE 4: @tranquil_skyflyer A318
GATE 5: @Gavrilo
GATE 7: @Puncakes
GATE 10:
GATE 11:
GATE 12:

Add your name or ask a regular to add your name!
Feel free to add more gates.


I would love to join in but can a regular or you add my name?

Cool, 8am here :D
I’ll do my best to come!

So everyone can be in one shot together ;-)

Sorry I just realised I have no Avianca liveries on any of my available planes

Great! See you all there!
Don’t forget to reserve your gates.

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I just realized I made a mistake.

The event is at 0000Z on FEBRUARY 5th.
NOT February 4th.

See you all there!

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Can I join please what aircraft

Avianca Aircraft ONLY!

Can’t make it, really last minute event :(

Sigh I’m such a letdown

Very happy to join Its Avianca!

Don’t forget to spread the word though!

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I will be there in a Boeing 787-8

Less than half an hour to go till the event.
Reserve your gates now!

Starting very soon!

PLEASE do as quoted above.
You can still reserve a gate quickly if you haven’t!

#The event is on the EXPERT server.

We will be starting momentarily!

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