SoCal Pilot (IFDude's) flight training updates and highlights

Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody! I have a video showcasing some highlights (mainly just takeoff, a touch and go and a landing). I hope you guys enjoy, I had a ton of fun doing this lesson and I’m excited for the more to come!


Past Videos


I used POV sunglasses too lol.

Nicely done! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Keep us up to date on how other parts of your flight training go. Looking forward to hearing about it. 🛫🛬


Thanks! Since I’m 15, we’re hoping that I’ll be able to solo this year once I turn 16. It’s been a great experience so far.

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POV Sunglasses? That an actual thing?!

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Sweet! Sounds like you’ve got a solid plan.

@RotorGuy I was thinking the same thing. I may have to look into something like that. 👀


Me too, I got some go pro video that I put the go pro on my helmet but sunglasses would be so better

I bought some for the price of little under one hundred dollars. It was a solid investment for me.

They sell cheaper ones too, but they don’t get a lot of footage.

what plane?

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I was in a Piper Archer II. The standard training aircraft.

Where abouts are you in your flight training?


Well, not as far as I’d like for about 8 hours worth.

The only things I’ve learned so far are:

Steep turns, stalls, slow flight, takeoff and landing.

(This was because my old flight instructor wasn’t too good and was planning to leave anyways, my new instructor is much better, so the process’ll be sped up much faster.).

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Nice, Circuits (Patterns) are fun, and then when you get doing Nav, it gets even better.

Good luck with the rest of you training.

Thanks man! I’ll post more videos soon!

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New video is up!

For the first time, I flew the Cessna Skycatcher!

We did a stop and go at Santa Monica (Since airport restrictions prevent you from doing a touch and go).

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I have a friend who owns a sky crasher it’s so weird

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