SoCal Madness Route Event 1 @ KLAX and KSAN - 041600ZDEC16

Server: Casual

Region: SoCal


Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: *KLAX-KSAN;KSAN-KLAX, Please file the correct route. KLAX-KSAN for jets is: LAXX8 MZB with 11,000 feet as the final altitude. KSAN-KLAX is PEBLE 5 SLI with 10,000 feet as final altitude. MUST KNOW REAL LIFE AVIATION PROCEDURES. JOIN OUR DISCORD TO PARTICIPATE: IFVATC Discord

I’m just gonna be that guy flying a F-22 to Edwards AFB casually. :)


LoL. Bring your F-22 down to KSAN or KLAX

Depends if I can shoot down other planes along the way. 😜

Lol probably not. We will have controllers watching you.

Shh, let’s just keep this between us… The controllers won’t notice Malaysian 7 lost communication on final headed for San Diego.

Yo the event is actually on the 27th

Come join us for this event

Also, @N1RG I changed the routes to TEC routes, so check the pilot or controller document for that

I know. I put the TEC route altitudes up there.

Yeah , but not the actual TEC routes

Yeah I did. Look it up

Not on this post no, it still says LAXX8 MZB instead of LAXN11 etc.

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LAXN11 is basically LAXX8 MZB. :)

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@Padi3_14 I put the route instead of the TEC route name bc some people might not know what to look for. They are the same thing .

And is PEBLE6 the same as SANN3?

Yes, it’s pretty much the same. :)

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The event date has been changed to Sunday, December 4th, 2016.
@N1RG please change it

The event is tomorrow everyone! Just a heads up!

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