SoCal flight

If anyone can, I am parked at Ontario hoping one of you will come join.

I am Thai 54 63 Heavy

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What server?

Atc playground

Are you still there?

No I left. Sorry

Ok we can fly together next time :)

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Absolutely ;)

I’m planning to fly soon so contact me when you can @Benny87654321

Is this reply fast enough?

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Absolutely. I’ll be on in a bit. I didn’t except you to answer so fast!

Haha I’m just on the community website to see what’s going on so that’s why

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Just let me know where and when and I’ll be there :)

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Alright so how about we start at KSAN terminal 2 gate 22 (for me) and we fly to KNUC and than KLAX. Advanced server for a smooth flight. I’ll be flying the 777-200 Thai 54 63 Heavy.

Ok when now?

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Yeah. See you there

Make the flightplan im airbus 2867

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can i come

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Formation flight?

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Sure. I haven’t done one in a while.