SoCal Flight @KLAX - 170030ZDEC15

Does anyone want to play IF live this weekend with me?

I will be flying from LAX-SAN!


Aircraft: Any

FPL: Copy from Call Sign (Small1502)

Spawn: Terminal 4 any Gate


Speed: 350 kts (below FL100 250 kts)

Time of Flight: 8:30 PM EDT

Arrival: Park next to me for photos!! 😃

Changed category and made title more descriptive :-P

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Thanks alot sorry im just not good with titles 😂

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Would you like to fly with me?

Busy I’m afraid but hopefully you’ll find someone :-)

Ok thanks :)

When is it?

Friday at 8:30pm

I might go. Depends on homework.

That means its 5:30 where i live. I’m busy around then sosadly, i have to decline the request