SoCal Approach/KSAN

Did a night flight, was about 5 NM from landing, was told to do a 360. I complied. 757 flying. Approach gave me vectors, flew me right into a mountain. It’s hard to see at night, a little IQ would be nice. Sorry, venting

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Today I was doing a flight from KSAN to KPSP and the approach controller almost flew me into a mountain. I luckily saw what was about to happen and I climbed quickly and I safely landed

I have noticed that controllers have not been aware of terrain in a number or instances. “Unable” or “Sorry” usually gives them a clue.

I was controlling there last night on the playground server so I don’t think it was me. However there are a lot of players on that server that don’t know what an ILS approach is. I was following the actual ILS flight path and everyone thinks they need to brought in at right base instead of straight in like a standard ILS approach then they want to change frequency because they don’t want to follow direction and totally mess up the pattern.