SoCal: Airports off the Beaten Path

Do you guys have any fun (relatively unknown) airport routes/destinations in SoCal? Not the power 5 airports. I have a few, but I’m still searching for some more hidden gems.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Flying from KBNG Banning Municipal to L35 Big Bear City and making the return trip
  • Either way 46CA Rancho Vallecito from/to L78 Jacumba
  • The tricky triangle… 0CA5 Hoffman-Private (fun takeoff/landing) to 8CL1 Lake Wohlford Resort (arguably the most difficult landing in SoCal) to CA84 Torrey Pines (difficult to locate without aids) and return to 0CA5

Don’t forget about AVX, airport in the sky.

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Airport in the sky? I’d like to know where…

Airport in the sky.

“The airfield is also known as the Airport in the Sky due to the fact it lies near the island’s highest point at an elevation of 1,602 ft (488 m) All roads to the airport from the island’s population centers climb steeply upward”


Try it out, let us know how you like it.

Try ‘Ward ranch’
700ft runway (09 and 27). Steep cliff at the end of each runway.

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What’s the identifier for the airport I’m interested.

Got it, thanks.
Wards Ranch - 0CA8

Ok, have fun!