SoCal Advanced

SoCal is used very often the last weeks and the whole day today again on Advanced.
I don’t really like it becuase SoCal is always full on PG. My message to the IFATC:
Please use other regions that are not used on the other Server, as always.
I know that they are always switching the Regions but SoCal is used way too much on Advanced, In my opinion

Must disagree! I won’t fly on SoCal in ATC PG as find too frustrating so really nice when there is advanced ATC on station as the region is really nice to fly in.

Agree that nice to see them change it round regular…15 regions to choose from…? Don’t forget Singapore region guys!


Yeah I know what you mean but it’s way too active, almost every day on Advanced

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Anything else you’d like to complain about 🙄


On the plus side, it’s a free region. So our comrades without Live+ can play with advanced ATC with their basic live subscription.


As Brandon said, can you be anymore picky? We move to every region. I mean every region. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean you complain to IFATC. We provide service, and we volunteer our time, and enjoy controlling. Complaints like this make us not want to control, as we feel like we are controlled, when really, we should be controlling.


Ok, I’m not trying too be rude, ofc I respect you’re work without you a Server like Advanced wouldn’t be possible🙌🏼

Much as I fly around SoCal, I rarely ever run into a manned facility.
Most times, I see it as a joyous occasion whenever SoCal is seemingly “open” for business.

I find the roaming presence of ATC (per region) to be well balanced. :)