SoCal 3/2/16

It’s foggy today in SoCal. Good thing we have some good ATCs playing on playground

Love flying in the fog! Makes for a challenging experience!


I do too! I started out though at Palm Springs and was like "oh today must be a lovely day here, and as soon as I turn east heading towards LAX I hit the fog pretty much the whole leg 😂

Did you have to land using your instruments? Or could you see the runway using visual?

ATC helped line me up and worked my way down. You couldn’t see anything until you were about 1500 ft up and <2 miles from the runway.


KLAX had/has 1/16SM of vis, that’s 100m for metrics

When the fog was at its worst, there was about 30 planes and no ATC’s. Singapore was more crowded than SoCal 😄

What type of plane is that?

In fog you must use instruments but have to abort the landing if you can’t see the runway by decision height (depending on what cat rating the runway you’re landing at is then it determines your decision heigh).

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Thank You!!!

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Hi i was atc in palm spring today,do you remember the name?

No I don’t remember. But Palm Springs did a great job handing people off to the SoCal departure fequency. It was efficient, people knew what they were doing. This kind of stuff is what makes this game great.