Soaring over Sydney @ YSSY - 122200ZJUL17

Server: Training

Region: Sydney Australia

Airport: YSSY

Time: 2200Z
For our Australian guests and members, that’s 08:00am AEST

NOTAM: Qantas Virtual Presents…
Join us for an amazing event in the Sydney region! Jump in any Qantas, QantasLink or Jetstar aircraft. We will fly from YSSY to YSRI for a touch and go, then down to YNSW for another touch and go, then across to YSCB for a full stop landing. I hope to see loads of people attending!

All Qantas Virtual Group Pilots who attend, please PM @BenW after the event for info on filing a PIREP for this event!



Sounds fun! I’ll see if I can make it! :)

I’m looking forward to this! I’ll definitely be there, see you next Thursday

Oh no. Hopefully I can wake up at 8:00am on Thursday!

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Maybe not any, such as the A380 cant land in Richmond

This aircraft is not restricted from Richmond (YSRI) Airport, therefore it has not been restricted on our thread.

Thanks anyway!


Just it wouldn’t land there IRL

Yep, we know. Thanks for your input.

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Cool event!
It would be an early rise for our friends down under!


I’d love to come in a 747 for sure

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Can I have get please

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Can I have a GA plz???

Sounds cool. I will be there if im signed up.

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BTW I am going to fly a 787-9 as JetBlue735 see you there!

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A320 Jetstar I fly I’ll be there

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Can I have a gate? I’ll try my best to make it :)

Can I have a gate, please?

Hey Team, see you in a few minutes! We’re trying to spawn at Terminal 1 in Sydney (YSSY)

I was Qantas 20

Thanks for joining us!

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