Soaring High at 1000 Flight Hours

Hi all!

I would like to thank everyone for the support, I recently flew my 1000th flight hour. I decided it should be my first ever flight I rode along on in real life back in 2006 in September when I was only 4 months old. It was a short flight to Boise, Idaho with Southwest Airlines. Here is my photoshoot.

A smooth liftoff out of Vegas in the morning sun 🌞

Ascending through FL200 over Lake Mead, The Hoover Dam can be seen off the right wing view along with the Colorado River

At cruise altitude over the west end of the Grand Canyon from the cockpit view.

On the border of Utah and Nevada, here is Pilot Peak located on the direct border.

A nice light blood moon on the descent into Boise

An @ItsBlitz style plane spotting photography, as you know I like em closeup shots of aircraft on short final 😉

A head-on view as I taxi to the gate in Boise, Idaho

If you don’t know, I am also less then 50 landings from 800 which is also known as Grade 5. Let me know if anyone wants to join me on that special flight.

Good Day!



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Ashashawesome Kamryn! You’re pretty far behind me (jk… unless…)

And what better way to celebrate than the Canyon Blue -700!

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Indeed! I was forced to pick Mustard or CB since it was circa 2008 ;)

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That’s what you call it? Mustard?

Yes, I really don’t like it 😂

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You dont like the name or the livery?

Livery Look = Mustard
Mustar = Something I don’t like

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Oh, yeah lol 😂 I dont like mustard either

Nice shots Kamryn! And I’d be happy to join you on the day you get to grade 5!

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What beautiful and photos! I must say that first photo tricked me, I thought it was photo of a real Southwest 737


Sweet photos!

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nice shots.

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